New Sound Survey

Amphitheater management has informed area residents that there is a new feedback system in place for concerts this year.

Residents of the Town of Morrison and Jefferson County that are affected by concert sound from Red Rocks Amphitheatre are encouraged to submit a sound survey whenever concert sound is audible, even if it is not intrusive or annoying.

This system is more complex than the simple polls we used here last year, and will require confirmation of residence. Because this is direct information to Arts & Venues Denver, the agency that manages Red Rocks Amphitheatre, your responses to them will be important. However, we don’t yet know whether those results will be shared publicly before the end of the season. (If we find out, we’ll let you know.)

There is also a call line with a new option for reporting noise issues. This phone will be staffed on concert days, and should be answered by a person. That person can fill out the survey for you when you call. The line can, however, be busy and there may be wait times.

Concert phone line:
720-865-2494, option 4

We would appreciate your sharing comments here or by email as well, so they can be made public as the season proceeds.

Thanks for your help!


3 thoughts on “New Sound Survey

  1. We live in Morrison, on Red Rocks Vista Drive. It is 9:30 pm and the punding noise emanating from the concert is intolerable. We have all of our double-pane windows closed tightly and can still hear and FEEL the pounding of the “music”, which sounds like a lot of percussion rather than melody of any sort. We can see from our front window that the parking lot is half empty. It is clear to us, as residents of Morrison, that even with a low-interest performer, Denver would rather make money by scheduling as many concerts as possible, at the expense of the residence of Morrison. The people who are making the decision to maximize profits for Denver ought to experience the disruption to their peaceful evenings night after night after night the way we do.

  2. It is 11:00 pm on Thursday night. We are being kept awake by the pounding noise from Red Rocks. We can feel the pounding even with the windows closed. Another lovely summer night ruined by Denver’s greed.

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