2016 Concert Schedule

It’s a bit early yet, but time to take a look at the 2016 schedule. As of today’s list posted at RedRocksOnline.com, there are 109 concerts already scheduled, counting the January event. For the peak months of June, July, August this represents more than 80% of available nights booked, but still leaves room for additions. For the entire mid-April through mid-October season, 60% of the nights are booked. This does not include Film on the Rocks events, which are not yet listed on the online schedule.

2016 Red Rocks Concert Schedule, as of April 2

  • April: Two concerts, 4/19 and 4/20
  • May: 14 concerts
  • June: 24 concerts
  • July: 26 concerts
  • August: 25 concerts
  • September: 14 concerts
  • October: 3 concerts

In addition, we understand a 75th Anniversary event is being planned.

Last year, an online sound survey racked up 190 individual ratings for 70 out of the roughly 130 shows. The survey form was more challenging so this is considerably fewer than the nearly 500 responses we received on the 2014 concerts.

To no one’s surprise, Bassnectar topped the chart, with 33 ratings for his three nights yielding an average of 3.9 on a scale of 1-5. Although Bassnectar was going for a record, Global Dance and Smashing Pumpkins rated higher, with a solid 4 and 4.3 respectively, but they received fewer total ratings.

We have not yet heard whether the online sound surveys managed by Arts & Venues will be used this year.


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