Resource Links

Human Health Effects

How to Measure Infrasound

Wildlife Effects of Infrasound

More on Infrasound and Wind Turbines

Mystery Noises Causing Problems

Infrasound as a Weapon?

Seeing Spirits? Supernatural Effects


2 thoughts on “Resource Links

  1. To whom it may concern,
    How dare you! What gives you people the right to control the music played at red rocks. You have chosen to live next to the most iconic music venues in the world and then you have the gaul to complain about noise… So it’s loud a few nights a year. Deal with it. Just because you’re unable to cope with, or even respect the fact that different musical styles have heavier bass does not give you the right to control the artistic output of the artists who come to OUR amphitheater. Again you choose to live next to red rocks! You made your bed now lay in it (hopefully you don’t get a wink of sleep due to someone blasting the bass straight in your fucking faces). Invest in sound proofing because we will win and you will lose!
    Coming at you with zero respect for you people or your cause,
    Thomas K.

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