BassNectar, Night 3– May 31

The evening started out pretty mellow last night, noise-wise, in fact surprisingly so. But Bassnectar most likely wasn’t on stage until after 10, and noise escalated some after that. Let us know what you experienced, please!

Tonight’s concert, the third of the series, should at least end by 11:45 p.m., according to the weeknight schedule restriction.

Keep an ear out!

To rate any noise from tonight’s concert, here’s the scale we used last year. Please add further comments below if you wish.

  1. barely noticeable, not disturbing
  2. moderately noisy, somewhat disturbing
  3. noisy, annoying, couldn’t be outside
  4. kept awake or woke from a sound sleep, significantly disturbing
  5. walls and windows rattling, extremely disturbing, even indoors

Arts & Venues asks that you report sound you hear using their survey, or call the concert phone line: 720-865-2494, option 4  and someone will fill it out for you. There may be wait times. Also, at this point, you need to listen to the entire message or most of it before you can select option 4. We hope that will change before the season gets much farther along.

We appreciate a quick report here or by email, too, so we can keep track of the information as well.



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