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What’s New with Red Rocks Noise?

As reported recently in the Denver Post, Morrison has approached Jefferson County for assistance with the noise concerns about Red Rocks concerts. Public meetings are expected in coming weeks; in the meantime Denver, Jeffco, and Morrison town officials are all trying to get a handle on how to deal with concerns.

Morrison presses Jeffco commissioners for help on Red Rocks noise issue, posted 11/19/14

This article by Josie Klemaier was followed by a Post editorial. Public comments follow both articles.

Here are our final results for the 2014 season, based on subjective responses of area residents. Note that ratings (from 1 to 5) were collected for 66 of the 105 concerts. Concerts not rated were given a “1” shaded in gray. Click image to see a readable pdf.


Sixty-five percent of all responses were 1s or 2s; 20% were 4s and 5s. Only 15 of the concerts rated got any 5s; 29 got 4s. Clearly, most concerts can be successful (and profitable for Denver) without creating major annoyance.