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Ready to roll, BassNectar is here!

Two nights of Bassnectar–a great test of Denver’s new restrictions. Let’s see what we can hear. Whatever your experience, please rate both nights! Don’t forget to share your location, too.


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Previous concert noise comments

Online, in response to KWGN News article, May 16, 2014:

With the Red Rocks EDM shows we need to be concerned with how the rocks hold up, too. If this is shaking peoples windows imagine what it is doing to the rocks around the natural ampitheatre. It could ruin it which I think would be a shame and or injure a person. Be responsible!

Also measuring the decibels will not address the problem it’s the base waves that are causing the problems! Most people that live in the area are fine with concerts it’s the base waves in which are disturbing the peace and have the potential to significantly alter the natural ampitheatre and cause serious injury to a patron!

Long-time resident writing to Jeffco commissioners, April 28, 2014:

Until these last 10 years a variance for noise levels was appropriate, but with the constant upgrades to sound technology and the installation of more speakers in the Amphitheater, a different set of decibel limits needs to be applied and enforced.

Comments from Morrison Board minutes, fall 2013

Gradually over the years the noise levels have increased and within the last 5 to 6 years, these levels have reached truly obnoxious proportions with several of the bands. Others I don’t hear at all.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, many evenings rate a 20++. The most obnoxious to date this year have been Global Dub Festival on May 17, BassNectar on May 31 and June 1, Global Dance Festival on July 20-22 lasting and beating against my house until 2 a.m. … the bass pounds and actually vibrates my house. Sleep is an impossibility, as is any kind of relaxation.

Post Global Dub: The New Normal?

The first EDM concert of the season brought a lot of attention to focus on the issue of concert noise concerns. Here’s a quick reference page to recent press coverage, during and after the tour by Morrison, Jeffco, and Denver officials during Global Dub Friday night, May 16. Most of these have videos associated with them.

CBS4’s Kelly Werthman’s report on the tour by officials, Dance Music Noise Level Measured During Red Rocks Concert, featured interviews with local residents,
but the Global Dub Festival maintained respectably low sound levels most of the evening.

Josie Klemaier also came out Friday night and filed this story for The Denver Post: EDM fans, Red Rocks neighbors monitor noise

“It really wasn’t very loud,” said Jefferson County Commissioner Casey Tighe, who accompanied Morrison Mayor Sean Forey, Denver Arts and Venues’ Dan Rowland and others on a late-night tour of the neighborhoods. “We went to various houses, and the neighbors remarked it was much more tolerable.”

For those who haven’t attended, the Denver Post provided videos that capture some of the concert experience.

The Daily Camera in Boulder picked up the Denver Post story: EDM fans, Red Rocks neighbors monitor noise.

At KDVR Fox 31, Red Rocks neighbors happy with new noise restrictions suggested “problem solved.”

The Mayor of Morrison, along with Jefferson County commissioner Casey Tighe, went door-to-door during the concert, listening to the faint EDM sounds reverberating from Red Rocks.

“Tonight was a positive night; very encouraging,” Tighe said. “The sound wasn’t too loud in the neighborhood. When we went to the venue, it seemed like people were having a good time. It seems like we found a good mix of sound in the venue and sound in the neighborhoods.”

We wouldn’t say “happy,” KDVR, we’d say “cautiously optimistic.” Trust and verify.

We remain hopeful that Denver intends to regain “good neighbor” status; we will continue to monitor what happens with the remaining concert season.

When we thanked Casey Tighe, he replied “Everyone has been very reasonable and respectful throughout the whole process. I think that approach has helped with the success we achieved. …as long as we keep positive lines of communication open I think this will work out.”

With Bassnectar coming in just 10 days, we certainly hope so.

Brantley Gilbert on May 18

It’s country night, with Brantley Gilbert and Thomas Rhett, both from Georgia, as well as Eric Paslay. Country rocker Gilbert sounds good in samples on his website, which reports: his acoustic shows — however intimate — didn’t satisfy his audience’s thirst for his rock-infused country music. "We went from these acoustic shows to a bona fide Country-Rock-Soul show that is wide open"

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Thank you, Denver!

For the first time in four years, most Morrison area residents enjoyed a relatively peaceful evening in their homes during an EDM concert (last night). Morrison board members, Jeffco commissioner Casey Tighe, and Denver officials toured the neighborhoods. They liked what they heard— minimal disturbance from the Red Rocks direction. Denver believes the sound monitoring they are now doing is more accurate and should reduce the sound impact on our neighborhoods. If this accomplishment can be repeated at the next Bassnectar concerts (May 30-31) and Global Dance Festival (July 17-19) we may have something to celebrate!

Good job, Denver. Keep up the good work. We’re listening, and so far we’re encouraged by what we don’t hear.

p.s. MorrisonNeighbors: Please answer the Global Dub rating poll anyway! We need a good record!