Icelantic: Winter on the Rocks, January 30

Some of us were out of town and missed this first concert of the “season.” But we sure heard about it next morning, via emails and phone messages.

  • Here we go again: lots of noise and vibration. Do you know the number we are supposed to call? If this is a sign of things to come, I am not optimistic about the “changes”.
  • I just can’t believe the noise banging around my house right now in the middle of this cold, beautiful clear quiet winter night. Are they crazy or what? What a nightmare. I am getting sick hearing this…
  • Enjoying the start of 2015 concert season????? So glad Denver has “heard” us and has improved the sound levels.

Yes, we were promised a call line. We’ll get back to you on that one.

We’re back-dating this post. If you’d still like to rate this concert, here’s the scale we used last year: we are not posting the formal polls this year. Please add further comments below if you wish.

  1. barely noticeable, not disturbing
  2. moderately noisy, somewhat disturbing
  3. noisy, annoying, couldn’t be outside
  4. kept awake or woke from a sound sleep, significantly disturbing
  5. walls and windows rattling, extremely disturbing, even indoors

1 thought on “Icelantic: Winter on the Rocks, January 30

  1. I am a bit confused
    You claim in your title Save Red Rocks
    Help me to understand how I can help you Save Red Rocks??

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