Response from Arts and Venues

In response to written comments sent from Morrison area citizens last week, the following message arrived on Saturday, March 29.

“Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a crown jewel for Denver and the surrounding area providing a unique concert/event experience for hundreds of thousands of concert fans each summer enjoying a wide variety of musical styles. In fact, performers and fans around the region, country and world make Red Rocks their destination of choice. These many fans bring with them a direct financial impact not only for the amphitheatre but also for the other businesses in the area including the Town of Morrison.

“As you might imagine, there are many elements that go into the management of this 9,500 seat, world renowned, award winning venue. The City of Denver has committed to a number of improvements over the years in both infrastructure and operations to provide the highest level of service to all of the visitors (performers, concert-goers, visitors and tourists). In addition to some of the off-season projects (installation of a new bridge at entrance 2, modifications to some park lights that impacted some Morrison residents 365 nights a year and others) that are occurring in preparation for the upcoming 2014 concert season the City has voluntarily drafted and adopted new sound and show end-time regulations that have not been in place before based on changing conditions and feedback heard regarding certain types of shows. These regulations effectively reduce the sound levels for these types of shows based on analysis and measurements taken by 2 different consulting firms. In addition to these new regulations, the City continues to work with Morrison on many things to manage the impact of the amphitheatre on the town including contracting for Morrison P.D. to provide traffic control through the town before and after each show, and provides for portable toilets or dumpsters as needed. The City values its relationship with the Town and as such has provided the Town with marketing resources through the Red Rocks website and in-house video board.”

Tad Bowman | Venue Director, Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Denver Coliseum
Arts & Venues | City & County of Denver
720.865.2488 Phone
303.880.8554 Cell | 311 Help Center


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