So, the thumping started before noon today and continued (according to our reports) off and on through 6 p.m. or so. The concert was scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m.

According to @RedRocksOnline’s latest tweet, Odesza is on stage now. What will the rest of the evening bring? Please let us know what you hear, AND call the hotline at 720-865-2494 so they know what your experience is. Thanks!!

To rate any noise from tonight’s concert, here’s the scale we used last year. Please add further comments below if you wish.

  1. barely noticeable, not disturbing
  2. moderately noisy, somewhat disturbing
  3. noisy, annoying, couldn’t be outside
  4. kept awake or woke from a sound sleep, significantly disturbing
  5. walls and windows rattling, extremely disturbing, even indoors

Arts & Venues asks that you report sound you hear using their survey, or call the concert phone line: 720-865-2494, option 4  and someone will fill it out for you. There may be wait times.

We appreciate a quick report here or by email, too, so we can keep track of the information as well.



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