Skrillex Tonight!

Update: Skrillex concert reported to go as scheduled despite last night’s shooting, reports Chris Jose via Twitter.

A little more press on Red Rocks noise concerns hit the streets this week, as Skrillex hits the Rocks tonight.

First up was the Denver Post report by Josie Klemaier on Morrison’s plans to monitor EDM concerts.

Reverb featured an interview with Skrillex today, and asked him about the noise restrictions at Red Rocks.

Do regulations like these impact how you build your shows?

Not really… I think **kids are having fun regardless, and I think a lot of the times sound is pushed harder than it needs to be**. I bring out my own sound system and my own sound techs. **We work hard to make sure the sound is at a comfortable level and not so loud** to the point where you’re like “[expl-deleted] this hurts”.

Are these noise restrictions something you commonly have to deal with? Do you agree with it?

I don’t look at anything as restrictions. Just challenges to be spontaneous. I think **as a concert goer you don’t notice these subtle differences**. If the vibe and energy of the crowd is on point and if you have a good lineup and a good venue people usually don’t complain about the stuff.

(Emphasis added.)

We’ll roll out the noise surveys tonight as usual. Watch for it.


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