Rating Skrillex, June 20

Update: It’s 1 a.m.! Shouldn’t those end time restrictions be kicking in about now? If you’re lying awake, call Jeffco dispatch to register a complaint: 303-277-0211. Or try Denver’s 311 reporting system at 720.913.1311; you’ll have to wade through the options, but you should be able to connect and register your opinion.

And, of course, vote below.

Tonight’s concert by EDM producer Skrillex is apparently proceeding as scheduled despite last night’s shooting.

In a recent interview, Skrillex commented on Red Rocks noise restrictions. Noting that “kids are having fun regardless,” he said “We work hard to make sure the sound is at a comfortable level” …

Here’s the poll; see what you think:

And let us know where you are listening from:



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