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Ready to rate Global Dub tonight?

Will this be the first concert of the season to “shake your windows and rattle your walls”? Record your experience below and stay tuned to find out what other neighbors thought of Global Dance Festival.

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Help us get a clearer picture of which are problem concerts—and good ones! Thank you!

Can’t sleep? If you’re having a rough night, don’t forget our list of Who to Call.

Catching up with Channel 2 News

Officials to see how noisy Red Rocks concerts are for nearby neighbors, posted May 15, 2014, 10:50 p.m.

VIDEO: Officials to see how noisy Red Rocks concerts are for nearby neighbors, posted May 15, 2014, 9:05 p.m.

Morrison residents want Red Rocks to crank down the noise, posted April 25, 2014

VIDEO: Residents want the volume turned down at some Red Rocks concerts, posted April 25, 2014 (covering April 25 meeting)

Complaints lead to new Red Rocks Amphitheater noise restrictions, posted March 4, 2014

Red Rocks at Westword

How did we miss this? Apparently Westword has been keeping busy on Red Rocks issues lately.

Today’s Westword, May 12:
Red Rocks revenue doubles in five years and here’s why

April 4: Something new to look forward to:
Behind Mayhem Festival’s controversial move to Red Rocks

May 7: We’ve been wondering about this too:
Could loud EDM music cause rocks to fall?
(Related to Red Rocks lawsuit over rockfall injuries)

April 4: Will there be a John Denver exhibit near you?
Plans revealed for permanent Colorado Music Hall of Fame at Red Rocks

Concert Ratings Update

Here’s the new graph updated through 5/12/14. We need more data points for these recent concerts, so if you haven’t already voted, please let us know how Shpongle seemed to you.


The average, so far, for these last five concerts is only 1.7 on our subjective scale. (Please use the numeric ratings so we can calculate averages.) But these low-noise concerts count, so please weigh in even if you weren’t disturbed much. It helps prove our point that concerts can be (relatively) quiet and sets a good baseline for what we know is ahead. Or perhaps it adds weight to Denver’s belief that their noise restrictions are helping. We won’t know unless you tell us what you are experiencing during each concert!

We are also seeing a possible effect of weather— we’re learning that it seems to matter which way the wind is blowing and how much moisture is in the air. For Shpongle, winds were gusting out of the south at 21 mph, and this may have made a difference for some neighborhoods.

Thanks for all your help.

Shpongle Live on Saturday

According to the Amphitheater website, Saturday night’s performance will be Shpongle’s only “full band” show in the United States.

We’re not sure what to expect, but the website reports that “their 2013 album, Museum of Consciousness… received rave reviews, peaking at #4 for Top Electronic Albums, #3 Top Heatseekers album, and #41 Top Independent albums all on Billboard.” Should be an interesting trial for the new restrictions.

We’ll update our ratings graph on Sunday. Keep an ear open—record your impressions below (please don’t forget to record your location below, too):

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Keegan at The Post

In Friday’s The Denver Post, Teresa Keegan weighed in with an entertaining opinion piece to lighten the Red Rocks noise discussion.

Keegan reviews the history of noise abatement in the name of congenial society, and comments:

However, while Red Rocks’ noise-weary neighbors may yearn to hear only “The Sounds of Silence” emanating from that ancient sandstone edifice, to their credit, they are not pushing to cancel the entire 2014 electronic dance music — or EDM — concert lineup.

…the dispute over decibel levels at Red Rocks becomes more about public health and less about a bunch of old coots spoiling all the fun for the “Come On Feel the Noise” crowd.

Read the online version here.

Upcoming May Concerts and Polls

Sun 5/4/2014    TobyMac / Skillet / Lecrae TONIGHT! (poll below)
Sat 5/10/2014    Shpongle Live
Fri 5/16/2014    Global Dub Festival 2014
Sat 5/17/2014    Gramatik
Sun 5/18/2014    Brantley Gilbert / Thomas Rhett / Eric Paslay
Mon 5/19/2014    Lana Del Rey

Read more about these performers at Red Rocks Online.

Here’s the poll for TobyMac et al., Sunday May 4:

And your location is:


Ellie Goulding: Popular can be Quiet

At least that’s the way it sounded from here. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the traffic jam for this sold-out concert, we would hardly have known it was happening. AND it was over by 11:30 p.m.! Let us know if you heard or experienced otherwise, but we think maybe this proves the point—Red Rocks can be a successful venue that respects its neighbors.

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