Ready to roll, BassNectar is here!

Two nights of Bassnectar–a great test of Denver’s new restrictions. Let’s see what we can hear. Whatever your experience, please rate both nights! Don’t forget to share your location, too.


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7 thoughts on “Ready to roll, BassNectar is here!

  1. From a Morrison resident, via email:
    “It is ten to eleven this Friday evening May 30th, the noise of the concert is terrible. It is like Morrison is being bombed , heavy continuous thundering sounds , going on and on for an hour. The sky is illuminated.  Even with my earplugs I can’t sleep. We should collectively do something, to stop this horrendous invasion of privacy in our lives.”

  2. From South of Morrison, via email:
    “The house is vibrating and the thunderous sound is annoying… It is 10 p.m. #@$%^$#!!!”

  3. Thanks for your comments, we felt it too. Around 10pm we took a drive down to Morrison and entrance 3 to hear or feel for ourselves. It must have started when we got back and I agree it was bad. Keep the comments coming.

  4. You’re all the worst kind of people. Don’t choose to live near the best amphitheater in the US if you can’t handle a little noise. Sell your house to people who won’t whine incessantly. I lived near an amphitheater in southern CA and was grateful for the free music I got to listen to every weekend.

  5. You guys are so pathetic, If you dont want to hear live music don’t move within a couple miles of one the most famous venues in the UNITED STATES. You are ruining it for everyone. I wish that we could all VOTE YOU AWAY from this area.

  6. If you were in your 20 somethings and your favorite music was playing at the greatest venue in the world, you would be furious when someone tried to stop the shows. It was 10pm on a saturday/friday night during a BASSnectar concert. Get over yourselves. You have access to the red rocks website and you can see this show coming months in advance. Do something else with your free time if you know its going to be loud on a weekend.

  7. Your concerns have been heard by the Denver city council, and they will respond to in due course once they stop counting the money these shows print for their coffers. Revenue sells.

    You want quiet? Live in Aurora.

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