Post Global Dub: The New Normal?

The first EDM concert of the season brought a lot of attention to focus on the issue of concert noise concerns. Here’s a quick reference page to recent press coverage, during and after the tour by Morrison, Jeffco, and Denver officials during Global Dub Friday night, May 16. Most of these have videos associated with them.

CBS4’s Kelly Werthman’s report on the tour by officials, Dance Music Noise Level Measured During Red Rocks Concert, featured interviews with local residents,
but the Global Dub Festival maintained respectably low sound levels most of the evening.

Josie Klemaier also came out Friday night and filed this story for The Denver Post: EDM fans, Red Rocks neighbors monitor noise

“It really wasn’t very loud,” said Jefferson County Commissioner Casey Tighe, who accompanied Morrison Mayor Sean Forey, Denver Arts and Venues’ Dan Rowland and others on a late-night tour of the neighborhoods. “We went to various houses, and the neighbors remarked it was much more tolerable.”

For those who haven’t attended, the Denver Post provided videos that capture some of the concert experience.

The Daily Camera in Boulder picked up the Denver Post story: EDM fans, Red Rocks neighbors monitor noise.

At KDVR Fox 31, Red Rocks neighbors happy with new noise restrictions suggested “problem solved.”

The Mayor of Morrison, along with Jefferson County commissioner Casey Tighe, went door-to-door during the concert, listening to the faint EDM sounds reverberating from Red Rocks.

“Tonight was a positive night; very encouraging,” Tighe said. “The sound wasn’t too loud in the neighborhood. When we went to the venue, it seemed like people were having a good time. It seems like we found a good mix of sound in the venue and sound in the neighborhoods.”

We wouldn’t say “happy,” KDVR, we’d say “cautiously optimistic.” Trust and verify.

We remain hopeful that Denver intends to regain “good neighbor” status; we will continue to monitor what happens with the remaining concert season.

When we thanked Casey Tighe, he replied “Everyone has been very reasonable and respectful throughout the whole process. I think that approach has helped with the success we achieved. …as long as we keep positive lines of communication open I think this will work out.”

With Bassnectar coming in just 10 days, we certainly hope so.


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