Concert Ratings Update

Here’s the new graph updated through 5/12/14. We need more data points for these recent concerts, so if you haven’t already voted, please let us know how Shpongle seemed to you.


The average, so far, for these last five concerts is only 1.7 on our subjective scale. (Please use the numeric ratings so we can calculate averages.) But these low-noise concerts count, so please weigh in even if you weren’t disturbed much. It helps prove our point that concerts can be (relatively) quiet and sets a good baseline for what we know is ahead. Or perhaps it adds weight to Denver’s belief that their noise restrictions are helping. We won’t know unless you tell us what you are experiencing during each concert!

We are also seeing a possible effect of weather— we’re learning that it seems to matter which way the wind is blowing and how much moisture is in the air. For Shpongle, winds were gusting out of the south at 21 mph, and this may have made a difference for some neighborhoods.

Thanks for all your help.


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