Rating system gets underway

It looks like our new concert rating system really works for people! We plan to add a survey for each concert this season so each of you can provide direct feedback. Here are our results so far—watch the concert noise picture grow!

Updated with preliminary results for recent concerts 5/5/14.

Results on this past weekend’s concerts are pretty consistent (click here if you’d like to add your views). We’ve heard some remarks that the light rain both evenings seemed to help dampen the noise. Please feel free to add comments at the bottom of the post or directly in the poll itself if you have other observations to share. Every post and page on this website provides an opportunity to leave comments, but be respectful.

This is the year we will really keep track—and we have a LOT of concerts to monitor. New ones have been added, so we’ll post an updated schedule soon. Please check here after each concert for a new poll and help our graph tell the story. Thanks, everyone!


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