What You Can Do

We just emailed this flyer to interested parties being affected by excessive noise from certain concerts: HELP STOP THE NOISE AT RED ROCKS Lots of suggestions there!

Keep track of which concerts run late into the night and create disturbing noise or vibration levels where you live. Check out the current 2014 schedule here to help record what you experience.

You can also RATE EACH CONCERT. We’ve set up easy Ratings polls, and will update results in graphs like this as the season progresses. Look for a new poll for each concert. Be sure to let us know your general location as well.

If you have concerns, please share them with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and City Council members. Be sure to copy the Town of Morrison and Jefferson County Commissioners. Let them know when you’re experiencing impacts from concerts and how it affects your neighborhood. See Who to Call for contact info.

To get on our mailing list, please leave a comment below with your email address; your email will not be public.


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